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Looks like a fun place :-p [05 Jul 2012|06:09pm]

Name: Emma
Age: 29
Location: UK South Coast
Marital Satus: single
Sexual Preference: K9 ;-)
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 15
Where: in a disused barn
Did You Enjoy It: yes
What Do You Look For In A Partner: trust, open honesty, generosity, discretion, open mindedness, a big load :-p
Favorite Position: doggy
What Gets You Off: nasty stuff
Any Tips For Us: Try not to get sperm in your eye, it stings like hell!
Pictures: on Motherless.
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Application [02 Sep 2008|06:39pm]
Name: Annabelle
Age: 19
Location: Louisiana
Marital Satus: Single
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 17
Where: Back Seat of a Car
Did You Enjoy It: No
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Selflessness
Favorite Position: Doggy
What Gets You Off: Spanking
Any Tips For Us: Nah.
Pictures: Nah.
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[27 Feb 2008|04:27pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Name: Just call me S
Age: 23
Location: CA
Marital Satus: single
Sexual Preference: both
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 17
Where: bedroom
Did You Enjoy It: not really..lol
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Someone who isn't afraid to try new thing... I like a littel kink in my fun!;-)
Favorite Position: How can you expect me to pick just one?!?!?!
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)): being dominated, little bondage...
Any Tips For Us: Not off the top of my head
not my thing

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in less than a year I've had more partners than a lot of people I know. [26 May 2007|03:03am]
Age: 22
Marital Satus:single
Sexual Preference:both!
Age You Lost Your Virginity:21
Where:field, I tink it was a big park. but there were no trees.
Did You Enjoy It: not really! lol
What Do You Look For In A Partner:horny-ness and submission.
Favorite Position:doggy style
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) I liketo be spanked, I like when my nipples are bitten rather hard. I like hard sucking.
Any Tips For Us:probably not. although I have been told I'm great at giving head.
Pictures:not my style.

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I'm queer [26 May 2007|02:57am]
hey, I've just decided to type up kind of a bio about some crazy **** that has happened to me in the past year, year and a half. there's so much drama! and it's all true. I swear. I would have never wished for some of this stuff to happen to me. there's not much pn my lj yet cuz I just created it like 5 min ago, but here's a background on me. I'm a GG who is somewhat trans and I am bi. I almost always fall for gay men or straight women. Much hilarity ensues...sometimes. Other times I'm just sad :-( But it's always pretty interesting. 

may be inappropriate for those under 18 at times....
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[19 Mar 2006|08:30pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Name: Michelle
Location: Be nice and i might tell you for a price
Marital Satus: You'll have to find out
Sexual Preference: Straight
Age You Lost Your Virginity: When I was 14
Where:In the woods
Did You Enjoy It:Yes
What Do You Look For In A Partner:Someone that is in to new things and very very kinky things
Favorite Position:Doggy Styles, or giving head
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M))Bondage, Have 3 guys on one girl, anal, any anal toy, handcuffs
Any Tips For Us:Anal is a painful thing but Just lie there and take it you'll enjoy the pain

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Hellooo [16 Feb 2006|10:27pm]

Name: N.
Age: 21
Location: MICHIGAN
Marital Satus: Single
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 19 (shhh)
Where: Basement of a friend's house
Did You Enjoy It: Yes, yes I did
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Intelligence, oral fetish, body type medium-curvy-proportionate or thinner.
Favorite Position: Oral (giving and receiving) or doggy style
What Gets You Off: Worshipping clit and having my cock worshipped, bondage, feet
Any Tips For Us: When sucking an uncut guy, go easy on the head, it's sensitive ;)
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Two more, safe for workCollapse )
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[13 Jan 2006|07:51pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Name: Marc
Age: 19
Location: FL, USA
Marital Satus: Hahahaha
Sexual Preference: Gay/Gay Hustler
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 12
Where: My Bedroom
Did You Enjoy It: Big Time
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Taller guys, some hair on the chest. Masculine Currently in a relationship.
Favorite Position: Facing the Mall
What Gets You Off: Just about everything/anything if the price is right. With my B/F, some light SMBD, power fck.
Any Tips For Us: Don't turn anything sexual down until you honestly try it. Many things I thought were turn offs, are actually hot when you understand them...
Pictures: See my Journal Entry

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[06 Jan 2006|04:37am]
Name: Jen
Age: 19
Location: cali
Marital Satus: single
Sexual Preference: straight
Age You Lost Your Virginity: 13
Where: my brothers bed with his friend
Did You Enjoy It: yess
What Do You Look For In A Partner: attitude
Favorite Position: me going down on him
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) them tasting me
Any Tips For Us: none at all
Pictures: cam is broken
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[27 Sep 2005|04:03pm]
Age:30(am I a dirty old man?)
Marital Satus:Single
Sexual Preference:Straight
Age You Lost Your Virginity:16
Where:In a bed(I know it's lame but it was to a girl named ANgel..does that make up for it?)
Did You Enjoy It:It was ok
What Do You Look For In A Partner:Physically speaking-->lips,eyes,hips, and thighs.
Favorite Position:Oh dear only one...girl on back, knees locked around my elbows...allows for sooo much freedom of movement and swirling of the hips and deepness and you get the idea.
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M))Bite me and I'm yours.
Any Tips For Us:the best tip I can give is to really really pay attention to your lover. Watch and study the way they move during sex play..you will quickly learn what to do and what not to do.
Pictures:one tease type in my LJ and a few on other sites.
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[04 Sep 2005|10:55pm]


Name: I'll go by Bella
Age: 19
Location: Seattle
Marital Satus: Strange
Sexual Preference: I date guys, but mess around with girls.
Age You Lost Your Virginity: Still have it.
Where: N/A
Did You Enjoy It:
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Alot. But mostly its just when i fall for a guy for some unknown reason.
Favorite Position:
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) ...Yes... :)
Any Tips For Us: none that i know of
Pictures: And my camera is currently not uploading >:|

*note* I actually wandered over from Greatestjournal's Birdsandthebees hoping it would be similar :3

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Hmm... [18 Jul 2005|08:56pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So I've decided to further explore the violent nature of my sexuality. I'll attaining a nine foot bullwhip soon and possibly a flogger. I already have a few implements, but you can never ahve too many. I'm curious to know if there is anyone else who feels the same way I do, anyone else who is divided. There is a definate line that I move over every once in a while. Sometimes I am a sub, the other times I am quite the opposite. Hmm, I don't know. I have a rather spiritual view about it, but I don't feel as if I should just throw it up here, if anyone is interested leave me a comment or if you have any advice.

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[28 Jun 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | horny ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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[24 Jun 2005|09:01am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Name: Max

Age: 23

Location: Here or there

Marital Satus: In a relationship

Sexual Preference: Female

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 19

Where: at home

Did You Enjoy It: Most definitely

What Do You Look For In A Partner: Intellegence, breasts, some curves

Favorite Position: I like cowboy, doggy just from the top of my head

What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) Nibbling, handcuffs, blindfold, kissing

Any Tips For Us: No clue, but I would say, do what feels natural.

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Feelin Dirrty [20 Jun 2005|02:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Nikki

Age: 24

Location: Pennsylvania

Marital Satus: Single but living with my boyfriend

Sexual Preference:Male, would like to try female at least once

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 17 but making up for lost time!

Where: On the bedroom floor at a friends house

Did You Enjoy It: It went to quickly, I hardly remember it! He didn't believe I was a virgin until afterwords!

What Do You Look For In A Partner: If its going to be a long term thing, I need someone I can stand to be around. If it's a one night thing, as long as I can stand them for one night, I'm good!

Favorite Position: I absolutely LOVE being on top. There is just something about riding a guy and looking down at them. I like facing their feet while being on top as well. It gives them a different feeling and it hits spots inside of me that you just can't get with other positions!

What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) Talking dirty, I like when I do it and it gets him going and I like when he talks to me. I also like the feeling of my neck being sucked and bitten. I like having sex in open places that anyone could see you if they happen to come along by.

Any Tips For Us: We can discuss these later!!

Check out my LJ for some stories, I just started it so there are only a couple.

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[13 Jun 2005|10:33am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Location:North Carolina
Marital Status:Single...
Sexual Preference:Female...but I would be willing to try a few other things females can't do...not without a toy anyway
Age You Lost Your Virginity:12
Where:At a rather large party
Did You Enjoy It:From what I remember, yes. Although she wasn't very...I don't know...now that I look back on it, it was boring, but I've certainly made up for it since then...heh.
What Do You Look For In A Partner:Sexually speaking I look for someone who is versatile. I'm a fairly dominant, aggressive person. My totem is a wolf, but every so often I enjoy being...preyed upon, so to speak.
Favorite Position:From behind...but they're all pretty rockin'.
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M))I enjoy biting very much, both giving and receiving...I also enjoy oral sex the same way. Talking dirty is good, bondage is great, hell, I'll try anything at least once.
Any Tips For Us:Have fun, be safe.
Pictures:Hopefully I'll have some new icons on here soon, www.printroom.com then search for Michaelmoo...I think.

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Application [23 May 2005|04:56pm]

Name: Trinity
Age: 20
Location: North Carolina
Marital Satus: No comment.
Sexual Preference: Mainly men, but no problem with women as well.
Age You Lost Your Virginity: The night of my 15th birthday.
Where: I met this man over the internet when I was 9 years old. Chat rooms are great. It just so happened that I moved 30 minutes away from him 5 years down the road. The first time we met face to face, I spent the week with him at his parents house over my birthday. My present was pretty much to do as he said.
Did You Enjoy It: My first time didn't hurt, it just sucked. (meaning he sucked, as I learned later in life) I thought "This is what sex is? It's not even enjoyable..." I thought it was boring.
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Strength, but not in a muscular sense. I want someone who is mean, someone with a temper. Someone to throw me down, hold me down, and fuck me. Intelligence. Nice eyes. Great smile. Mystery.
Favorite Position: From behind. Any variance of it.
What Gets You Off: Being yelled at. Being told what to do. Choking, biting, grabbing, smacking.
Any Tips For Us: Just do what you think feels great. No matter what it is that gets you off, do it. There should never be shame in sex.
Pictures: Besides my icon, I'll have to work on that one..
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the questions... [30 Apr 2005|07:03pm]

Name: smackage

Age: low 30s

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Marital Satus: Dating a married guy. Is that a marital status?

Sexual Preference: Mostly males.

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 20

Where: Skanky apartment in Ohio

Did You Enjoy It: Oh yes. Lost my virginity that night. In the morning he took my ass, and I liked that better.

What Do You Look For In A Partner: Confidence without arrogance. Strong arms. Large hands. Competence.

Favorite Position: Spooning.

What Gets You Off: Choking. And that sleepy cuddly morning feeling. Wanting.

Any Tips For Us: Start slow, then go harder. Explore. Have fun. Be as safe as you want.

Pictures: I'll work on this!
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[28 Apr 2005|02:20pm]
Name: Chiyo

Age: 20

Location: East Coast

Marital Satus: Taken :)

Sexual Preference: Straight

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 18

Where: Ah, the beauty of dorm room sex.

Did You Enjoy It: Once I got past the pain and realized that I couldn't be loud because the girls in the room next to me could hear me, yes. (But I think by that time, he had already cum...)

What Do You Look For In A Partner: Confidence. Being genuine and honest is also a turn-on.

Favorite Position: I love doggy-style, and being on the bottom, and being on the top, and sitting on top of him in the car... and... basically, everything, I guess. :)

What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) Oh lord... spanking does it every time. Also sucking and biting my nipples, and I get really turned on by being held down or tied up.
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