smackage (smackage) wrote in birdsandthebees,

the questions...

Name: smackage

Age: low 30s

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Marital Satus: Dating a married guy. Is that a marital status?

Sexual Preference: Mostly males.

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 20

Where: Skanky apartment in Ohio

Did You Enjoy It: Oh yes. Lost my virginity that night. In the morning he took my ass, and I liked that better.

What Do You Look For In A Partner: Confidence without arrogance. Strong arms. Large hands. Competence.

Favorite Position: Spooning.

What Gets You Off: Choking. And that sleepy cuddly morning feeling. Wanting.

Any Tips For Us: Start slow, then go harder. Explore. Have fun. Be as safe as you want.

Pictures: I'll work on this!
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