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Name: Trinity
Age: 20
Location: North Carolina
Marital Satus: No comment.
Sexual Preference: Mainly men, but no problem with women as well.
Age You Lost Your Virginity: The night of my 15th birthday.
Where: I met this man over the internet when I was 9 years old. Chat rooms are great. It just so happened that I moved 30 minutes away from him 5 years down the road. The first time we met face to face, I spent the week with him at his parents house over my birthday. My present was pretty much to do as he said.
Did You Enjoy It: My first time didn't hurt, it just sucked. (meaning he sucked, as I learned later in life) I thought "This is what sex is? It's not even enjoyable..." I thought it was boring.
What Do You Look For In A Partner: Strength, but not in a muscular sense. I want someone who is mean, someone with a temper. Someone to throw me down, hold me down, and fuck me. Intelligence. Nice eyes. Great smile. Mystery.
Favorite Position: From behind. Any variance of it.
What Gets You Off: Being yelled at. Being told what to do. Choking, biting, grabbing, smacking.
Any Tips For Us: Just do what you think feels great. No matter what it is that gets you off, do it. There should never be shame in sex.
Pictures: Besides my icon, I'll have to work on that one..
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