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Feelin Dirrty

Name: Nikki

Age: 24

Location: Pennsylvania

Marital Satus: Single but living with my boyfriend

Sexual Preference:Male, would like to try female at least once

Age You Lost Your Virginity: 17 but making up for lost time!

Where: On the bedroom floor at a friends house

Did You Enjoy It: It went to quickly, I hardly remember it! He didn't believe I was a virgin until afterwords!

What Do You Look For In A Partner: If its going to be a long term thing, I need someone I can stand to be around. If it's a one night thing, as long as I can stand them for one night, I'm good!

Favorite Position: I absolutely LOVE being on top. There is just something about riding a guy and looking down at them. I like facing their feet while being on top as well. It gives them a different feeling and it hits spots inside of me that you just can't get with other positions!

What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) Talking dirty, I like when I do it and it gets him going and I like when he talks to me. I also like the feeling of my neck being sucked and bitten. I like having sex in open places that anyone could see you if they happen to come along by.

Any Tips For Us: We can discuss these later!!

Check out my LJ for some stories, I just started it so there are only a couple.
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