queer_love_life (queer_love_life) wrote in birdsandthebees,

in less than a year I've had more partners than a lot of people I know.

Age: 22
Marital Satus:single
Sexual Preference:both!
Age You Lost Your Virginity:21
Where:field, I tink it was a big park. but there were no trees.
Did You Enjoy It: not really! lol
What Do You Look For In A Partner:horny-ness and submission.
Favorite Position:doggy style
What Gets You Off: ((Example: Biting, Spanking, Light S&M)) I liketo be spanked, I like when my nipples are bitten rather hard. I like hard sucking.
Any Tips For Us:probably not. although I have been told I'm great at giving head.
Pictures:not my style.

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